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Enjoy a quality and fulfilling life again  

The sudden or longstanding emotional pain caused by psychological problems can greatly interfere with the quality and enjoyment of your life. For example, you may find yourself unable to feel motivated at work, anxious and depressed, distracted, disappointed in friends and family, angry and envious of others, or self-conscious and unsure of your abilities. Children and adolescents may not be as able to verbalize their emotional distress, and instead can often show problematic changes in their behavior. These problems do not just show up overnight, are usually not caused by one thing, and will not disappear with just a few sessions or a “quick fix” treatment.   You should be skeptical of mental health professionals who offer or guarantee a rapid cure. 

While some relief of symptoms on a temporary basis after a few sessions is expected, engaging in a treatment that will explore the root causes of psychological problems is the pathway towards lasting change. This is the basis of all psychodynamic psychotherapies. As you get to know yourself, you will be able to feel more in control, and will be on track towards living a fuller and more satisfying life.

At Dynamic Psychological Services, we aim to provide the most comprehensive psychological treatment that is suited to your needs. While we believe that psychodynamic therapy is the best way to deal with painful emotions and to resolve disabling psychological problems, we also know that psychopharmacological treatment can be an essential and effective component to treatment. We offer a full range of psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatments for children, adolescents, and adults.

  • Get relief from painful emotions
  • Create more fulfilling, close, and trusting relationships
  • Gain more pleasure and control in your life
  • Break free from the past
  • Stop destructive patterns of behavior

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