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The American Psychiatric Association — www.psych.org

The American Psychological Association — www.apa.org

The American Psychoanalytic Association — www.apsa.org

Training in Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy — the NYU Psychoanalytic Institute — www.med.nyu.edu/psa

The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, for information about mental health issues affecting children, adolescents, families, and clinicians working with them — www.aacap.org

The Association of Hispanic Mental Health Professionals — www.ahmhp.org

For information about mental health issues — for example, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, obesity, parenting, trauma, PTSD — www.apa.org/topics/, and www.healthyminds.org

Brochures and tips about psychological issues — www.apahelpcenter.org

For information about advocacy and resources for patients and their families — www.nami.org


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Eric. D. Teitel, MD,  Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology,  Call 212.674.6446 | Email
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